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It's been awhile...

so its been a long time since i've written... and alot has happened... life hasn't really been going quite as planned...

today marks the second month since my mom passed away.... its hard to believe that last time i wrote she wasn't even sick..... it's been hard. christmas was quite, how should i say, different, and loney. it's weird with it just being my dad and me....

since the last time i wrote alot of good things have happened....
--h-h won champs, and dedicated their show to my mom
--i became a brother of kappa kappa psi
--i'm made united!!! look for me in indoor
--i changed my major to music education
--i'm teaching h-h's indoor drumline

thats just a few of the good things.... there's plenty more

o, and i have the GREATEST big in the WHOLE world. she is just plain awesome... and i know she just read that... haha..
i <3 you big!!!

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